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Baby Ollie
Baby Ollie


We pride ourselves on the quality of birthcare we provide and the personal touch we give. It’s lovely to hear from those we helped along their journey to becoming parents. Here’s a selection of those testimonials.

If you’d like to add a testimonial to this page simply visit the contact page, and add a few details. We’ll be sure to add it to the site as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support and kind words.

  • Mr Sheridan and The Birth Team were exceptional. I always felt like they had time for me and that I could call them at any time. It was good to have the continuity of care and they always went the extra mile, I wouldn’t use any one else. The postnatal care was excellent, it was good to have the extra support at home. Thank you for all your time, effort, help and support. See you for baby number two.

  • We welcomed our beautiful baby boy into this world last Wednesday; words cannot express how grateful and happy we are with the care and support we received before,during and after the birth. Mr Sheridan is someone who we will certainly never forget as well as his midwife Sarah, they were both wonderful. They made this experience as easy and stress free as it could be and made sure we only had lovely memories from that day. Thank you so much again, you are doing a brilliant job. Many thanks.

    Emilia, James & Baby Theo
  • Words cannot and will never be able to express how grateful we all are to Mr Sheridan & Sarah who are together the most exceptional team. We used them for both of my pregnancies and would not hesitate to use them again. The care you receive is fantastic not to mention the overwhelming support you receive at all points throughout pregnancy. Thank you always.

    Nicole, Michael, Noa & Mia Levy
  • We have just had our third beautiful baby under the exceptional care of Mr Sheridan and Sarah Denning. We cannot ever express our gratitude for how amazing and enjoyable they both made all three births.

    Having had to make a last minute change at the end of the pregnancy to deliver at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital was a real blessing and we cannot praise it there enough. Anyone who is anxious about having their baby at the new hospital doesn’t need to be at all- it really is fantastic there.

    From the second we arrived until the second we left every single member of staff was so wonderful. A huge thank you to all of the amazing midwives on the Sir Stanley Clayton Ward who made our stay there so special and could not do enough for us.

    Mr Sheridan and Sarah, along with the lovely Cathie, I really can’t thank you enough for making all three of my pregnancies feel so stress free and smooth. You have all always been just on the end of the phone which is so reassuring.

    The Birth Team really are a very special and unique team and I would never have a baby without you there!

    Natalie and Marc xxx

    Natalie and Marc
  • Sarah and her postnatal team were absolutely fantastic! Lovely, personalised service and I really felt that they cared about me and my baby in the same way friends and family would.

    I have used the postnatal service for all three of my children and Helena Nash came to see me all three times (first in 2012, then 2013 and most recently 2019). What I loved was even now in 2019, she remembered my feeding issues from 2012, the struggles and problems I’d encountered and it was so reassuring having her come round as she already knew me! She is so approachable and caring and just what you want after birth when hormones are all over the place and you have no idea what you are doing!

    With my son, she noticed a potential breathing abnormality and the notes she made were so precise, the consultant I saw was impressed too. I’m not planning on any more children but if I were, I would most definitely use Sarah and the birth team and postnatal team again!

    Thank you so much

  • I had quite a frightening 1st birth with my daughter Faith, ending up in an emergency c-section. I knew I would have a rocky road ahead with my 2nd so I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible and get my little boy here as safely as possible. Mr Richard Sheridan did exactly that and then some… His professionalism made me feel safe, he delivered my baby boy perfectly and his sense of humour kept me sane and even smiling through the birth. I would use him time and time again .. No question.. No hesitation.. I now regularly see Richard for other woman issues.. He’s my hero!

    Michelle Heaton
  • We were honoured to be the first parents to give birth to our beautiful baby daughter Lily at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital and stay on the Stanley Clayton ward.

    Both of us cannot stress enough how AMAZING the hospital was. For any parents feeling anxious, please do not – it goes without saying that Mr Sheridan and Sarah Denning were amazing – but the hospital is absolutely incredible. The facilities are beautiful – light, spacious and with everything you may need.

    However, what made it such a wonderful experience was the staff in the ward. They were second to none. Helpful, thoughtful, lovely, lovely people. No one was reluctant to help and everyone was there to help us with everything we needed and to answer any question we had. As a result baby Lily has got off to the perfect stress free start in life.

    Thank you to everyone there, in particular Jeremy the anaesthetist, the midwives – Dee, Linda, Mandy, Moy, Pat and Lilian – and the lovely catering team Stephanie and Lilian.

    Thanks so much

    Josh and Jess
  • We decided very early on in our pregnancy to have full private care and to go through Richard Sheridan and Sarah Denning at The Birth Team. It was worth every penny. The care and attention we received was outstanding from start to finish. We didn’t have the easiest pregnancy, with some fluid under the baby’s skin that showed up at an early scan at 10 weeks. Richard was very knowledgable and helped to guide us through and put us at ease with his great humour. We had the all clear by 20 weeks and then had to deliver early at 38 weeks. The care we received was second to none by Richard and all at the Queen Charlotte hospital, as they helped bring our little boy into the world. The nurses and midwives in the Stanley Clayton ward were wonderful and we decided to stay an extra night as they were so fabulous at helping with feeding. We then utilised the post natal midwife package at home and Sandra Nash was fantastic.

    We highly recommend Richard and The Birth Team to anyone, not to mention his efficient PA, Cathie. If we were to have another baby, we wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

    Thank you!
    Michelle & Steven Scop.

    Michelle & Steven Scop
  • Choosing Mr Sheriden and Sarah Denning to deliver both our babies has to be the best choice we have made. The service we received was so personal and dedicated and the amount of care we received was second to none. Thank you to you both for bringing my babies into this world! I cannot recommend you enough! Thank you Sarah and Richard!

    Dharmesh and Divya
  • My husband and I decided to opt for a private delivery, as the birth of my first child was traumatic and the care we received was very poor. Our experience with Mr Sheridan and Sarah could not have been more different. From our first appointment they did an excellent job of making us feel reassured, that we would be well cared for. Our baby was born via an emergency Caesarian section, an experience which could have been very alarming. Both Sarah and Mr Sheridan, however, did an excellent job of keeping us calm and making sure that all went well. We were treated with genuine respect and kindness throughout the whole experience. We can not recommend the Birth Team enough and will certainly be returning to them if we have another baby.

    Angela Connell