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Delivery Only

With our Delivery Only package you receive the care you need during labour and birth as well as obstetric postnatal inpatient care.


Important things to know about the delivery only package:

  • The Birth Team fee is fixed, whatever kind of birth you have, and includes two antenatal appointments and your six week postnatal check with Mr Sheridan
  • The hospital and any other medical practitioner (ie anaesthetist) who treats you privately in hospital will bill you separately. This is additional to The Birth Team fee
  • The anaesthetists fee- if you have an epidural- will vary according to the birth you have
  • You will need to pay Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in advance of birth for your room charges. The hospital fee is in additional to The Birth Team fee
  • You may not go to the NHS ward after a private delivery

What’s included:

  • Two antenatal appointments (both usually towards the end of pregnancy) so that we can look at your medical and obstetric history and get to know each other a little before we meet on the labour ward
  • Care during your labour and birth
  • Visits from Mr Sheridan whilst you are an inpatient on Sir Stanley Clayton private postnatal ward
  • 6 week postnatal examination

What’s not included:

  • Antenatal care, apart from your two appointments. (you can have more if you would like to, at £300 per appointment)
  • 24/7 access to Sarah and the midwife team via mobile phone for emergencies/urgent pregnancy problems. You should use your usual hospital contact numbers for this
  • Treatment from any of the complementary therapists/counsellors featured in our team
  • Private postnatal care from the Birth Team postnatal midwives at home. (It is possible to arrange this for you unless you live a long way away. Please email Cathie or contact us for further information

Please see Frequently Asked Questions about Fees for more information.

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