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The Birth Team Blog

With our experience, we know that pregnant women and new mums want a source of information they can trust on all things to do with pregnancy and birth. We will cover the topics of most interest to women who are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or mothering a new baby.

Recovery from a traumatic birth

Birth trauma that leads to PTSD can affect happiness, self-confidence, security and parent-baby bonding. Effective, fast treatment from a qualified Birth Trauma therapist– often in one or two sessions- can permanently change traumatic birth memories into normal memories, giving freedom from flashbacks and nightmares and other symptoms of PTSD. The treatment is suitable for mothers, fathers, birth companions, midwives and doctors. Read more

Contraception after having a baby

It is still possible to get pregnant soon after childbirth; in women who have had problemsgetting pregnant because of hormone imbalance or irregular ovulation there is evidence to suggest that you may be more fertile. Private consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Richard Sheridan of Queen Charlottes and Chelsea Hospital discusses pregnancy planning and contraception after childbirth. Read more

Postnatal pelvic floor problems

Problems with bowel and bladder function after having a baby can be distressing and the last thing women need with a young family to care for, but are not often talked about. Private gynaecologist and obstetrician Richard Sheridan discusses the most common problems and what can be done. Read more

Can you cuddle your baby too much?

New mothers often feel pressured into getting their baby into a routine as soon as possible, and can feel as though they have failed if they don’t have a baby who fits into that pattern. Midwife Sarah Denning discusses why some babies easily slip into a routine but most don’t, and how following your instincts can be the best way to a happier relationship and increasing the bond with your newborn. Read more

Getting ready for pregnancy

Part of trying to get pregnant and starting a family includes ensuring that you are as healthy as you can be before you start, paying attention to a healthy weight, good nutrition and emotional and physical readiness. Success rates can vary with age; Consultant Obstetrician Richard Sheridan discusses how you can give yourself the best chance of a healthy baby. Read more

Am I too old to have a baby?

Too old for pregnancy? Having more and more mothers of 40 and more choosing private pregnancy care, consultant obstetrician Richard Sheridan gives you the facts about fertility and pregnancy health in older mothers. Read more