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About The Birth Team

Our aim is for women to feel confident that we’ll manage both normal birth and caesarean section with equal expertise and consideration. Where choice is important. A childbirth experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Traditionally, private childbirth care options are limited to either obstetric or midwifery care. The Birth Team work in partnership to give you the best of both worlds, creating a relationship of trust with pregnancy health care professionals you know, and who know you.

The Birth Team was created by a midwife, Sarah Denning, and Senior Consultant Obstetrician, Richard Sheridan, who recognised that something was missing from the private pregnancy care on offer. We asked pregnant women and their families what they wanted for care during pregnancy and birth – the answer was continuity of care from a dedicated midwife and obstetrician partnership.

In 2004 we began to work together, and in 2008 we put a name to how we worked – The Birth Team. With our combined professional experience and skills we offer the best of low and high risk care.

Take a look at the testimonials we’ve received from the happy parents we’ve looked after over the years.

The Team

At The Birth Team, we have created an excellent group of highly experienced healthcare professionals and complementary therapists. Everyone in the team has the same goal; to help you have a safe, supported and smooth pathway through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

  • Mr Richard Sheridan FRCOG FRCS

    Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

    Mr Sheridan graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical School in 1979, continuing his postgraduate training in Southampton and in London at Queen Charlotte’s Maternity Hospital, Guy’s, and St Mary’s Paddington. He was an NHS Senior Consultant at West Herts Health Trust from 1991 – 2015, and now concentrates on his private obstetric and gynaecology practice based at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire, with births taking place at the world renowned Queen Charlottes & Chelsea Maternity Hospital in Shepherds Bush.

    His specialist areas are ultrasound scanning and complications of early pregnancy, medical disorders in pregnancy such as high blood pressure, diabetes, renal and thyroid problems as well as care of women during pregnancy labour and birth. Gynaecologically he manages basic infertility, abnormal periods, hormonal problems, prolapse and incontinence.

    In his NHS clinics he was involved in the care of high-risk pregnant women with medical conditions and endocrine problems, as
well as other complications of pregnancy. His role included fetal scanning and amniocentesis. With over 20 years experience of labour ward management, he spent time regularly on the labour ward teaching junior doctors how to manage difficult or complicated deliveries.

    He has been looking after women as a Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician for over 25 years.

  • Sarah Denning BSc (Hons)

    Registered Midwife

    Sarah completed her midwifery degree in 2001 after having three children of her own, fulfilling a long-held ambition to become a midwife.

    She is experienced in all areas of midwifery, and until May 2009 worked as an NHS midwife in the high risk maternity unit and on the labour ward. Giving up her NHS role became a necessity as The Birth Team grew.

    In 2018, Sarah qualified as a Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner using the rewind technique, with the ability to treat women who have suffered previous traumatic births and subsequent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The treatment is fast, effective and can offer women relief from the debilitating symptoms of birth PTSD even years later, and allow them to enjoy their lives and families. Sarah strongly believes it is essential that mothers need good emotional and psychological as well as physical health – a whole person wellness.

    Sarah also runs private antenatal classes, believing that high quality antenatal education is vital in promoting normal birth, especially for new parents, and created the private postnatal midwifery home service www.theknowledgeantenatal.com (Antenatal classes and private midwife visits are available to all mothers, whether NHS or private for pregnancy and birth care)

    Sarah is passionate about midwifery and the importance of giving information, choice and confidence to families during pregnancy, birth and the first days at home with a new baby.
  • Sandra Nash

    Midwife RN, RM

    Sandra first qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1987, working on a gynaecological and surgical ward before continuing to qualify as a Registered Midwife in 1992.


    She spent several years working as a community midwife, and currently works part-time on the postnatal ward at a local maternity hospital. She is a highly experienced midwife, and has been caring for new mothers and babies at home as a Birth Team postnatal midwife for the last three years.

    Sandra is married with two teenage daughters, and enjoys travelling, skiing and walking.

  • Susan Higginbotham

    RN, RM

    Sue has worked in the midwifery profession for the whole of her career, beginning her Registered Nurse training in 1979, and qualifying as a midwife in 1984.

    Throughout her career Susan has gained experience as a senior midwife in both the NHS and the private sectors. This led to her working in a variety of high level and complex roles including, but not limited to, delivery suite co-ordinator, Maternity Day Assessment Unit and community midwifery. Her recent role as Clinical Facilitator allowed her to utilise the skills she built throughout her career to lead and train others, from nurses and midwives through to doctors.

    She has acquired a number of additional professional qualifications, and currently holds PROMPT, NALS and ALSO registration.

    She currently plans to semi-retire from the NHS. She has accepted a part-time role as midwifery lead in maternity triage at a local hospital, to enable her to maintain her clinical skills as well as being aware of any developments within the profession.

    Sue has enjoyed every aspect of her midwifery career, and finds it particularly rewarding to be able to support mothers and babies on an individual basis.

  • Helena Nash

    Midwife, RM

    Helena qualified with a First Class Midwifery degree in 2000. Helena has experience within all areas of midwifery, from helping to establish a low risk birthing unit, working to support women and their families at home in the community and as a lead coordinator in a busy high risk maternity unit.

    Helena currently works as a Practice Development Midwife, which allows her to work both clinically and in an educational role, using her wealth of experience to teach and support midwives and doctors within the hospital setting. Helena holds additional professional qualifications, ALSO, PROMPT, and NALS.

    Helena is passionate about midwifery, and places the mother and family at the very centre of her care. She is an experienced midwife who has been working with the Birth Team for over 3 years. She has cared for many clients for their consecutive pregnancies, and thoroughly enjoys returning to support their transition to a bigger family.

    Helena is happily married with two young children, who love that mummy works to make ‘other people mummies’!

  • Cathie Pavid

    Private Secretary

    Cathie is Mr Sheridan’s friendly, helpful private secretary, and is based at Spire Bushey Hospital in Hertfordshire. Cathie is the first point of call for anyone wanting to use any of The Birth Team services (excluding antenatal classes and postnatal care, see Abby Marlow)

    020 8421 8537

    Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

  • Sara Randall BSc (Hons) B.Ost.Med ND IBCLC

    Midwife, Osteopath and Lactation Consultant

    Having qualified in 2002 as a midwife and working predominantly within the NHS, Sara developed an interest in manual therapies to compliment women’s experiences in pregnancy. She qualified as an osteopath in 2008, gaining the clinical prize in her 3rd and 4th years. She has a diploma in naturopathic medicine and most recently qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2012. She has an obvious passion in the wellbeing of her clients and has developed a team of practitioners that follow her ethos of treating women effectively and quickly so they can continue their pregnancy journey pain free. Her experience allows her to also work with newborns and breastfeeding women in the postnatal period.

    Sara is highly qualified in her field and is unique to the osteopathic profession. She currently holds a lecturing post at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine and has guest lectured at The University of Bedfordshire in midwifery.

  • Sarah Setton

    Reflexologist MA MAR

    Sarah has over 13 years’ experience as a Reflexologist, specialising in fertility, pregnancy, and post-natal care. Sarah qualified with distinction through the British School of Complementary Therapy in 2002, is a member of the Association of Reflexologists and has undertaken post graduate training in maternity reflexology and reflexology for babies.

    Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and energising therapy, which encourages the body to heal itself, stress and tension to melt away, and promotes vitality and a general sense of well-being.

    During pregnancy Reflexology is a great way to help optimise physical and emotional health, and help prepare for a straightforward birth. Trials have found that those receiving regular treatments during pregnancy tend to deliver closer to term, have shorter labours and are less likely to require medical intervention. Reflexology is therefore one of the most popular complementary therapies used by women during pregnancy.

    For further information please visit www.thereflexologyclinic.co.uk or contact Sarah on 0345 890 3602 or 07974 250000.

  • Lyndsey Isaacs (BSc Hons, RGN)


    Lyndsey is a general practice acupuncturist with 13 years experience, specialising in all aspects of pregnancy. Previously she worked as a Registered General Nurse for over 10 years. She has an established practice in Hertfordshire and is also available for home appointments in the London area.

    Acupuncture is increasingly becoming recognised as a safe and effective treatment for many conditions which can occur during pregnancy.

    Lyndsey also offers acupuncture as a pre birth treatment from 36 weeks to birth. Research shows this can reduce the duration of labour.

  • Bette Fraser BA, MSc, Dip couns

    Birth counsellor

    Concerning all emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth & postnatal issues.

    Tel: 07714 752686.