Antenatal Care Package

£3,250 (£3,750 for twin pregnancies)

Complete pregnancy care from the booking visit at 7-12 weeks, until the point that you go into hospital to have your baby.

Important things to know about the Antenatal Care Package:

  • The Birth Team fee is fixed, however many appointments you have
  • You need to allow an amount for pathology (ie blood tests, swabs and urine analysis) charges during pregnancy. We suggest around £600.
  • All your pregnancy ultrasound scans -excluding the nuchal or harmony 12 week scan – are included and will be done by Mr Sheridan.
  • If you opt for the Antenatal Care Package you can have your baby as an NHS patient at your local hospital if you are booked there and normally entitled to NHS care. If you do not have NHS entitlement, you will not be able to choose this option.
  • You may also choose to have your antenatal care with the Birth Team and have your birth at another private hospital if you have booked there.

What is included:

  • All antenatal consultations
  • All ultrasound scans including dating scan and mid pregnancy anomaly scan, but not the nuchal or harmony scan
  • Availability throughout pregnancy to deal with any problems that may arise. (If Mr Sheridan is on holiday or not available, another consultant will cover without extra charge)
  • 24/7 access to the midwife team via mobile phone for emergencies/urgent pregnancy problems

What is not included:

  • Labour and birth care, inpatient obstetric postnatal care and 6 week postnatal examination.
  • The fee from any other doctor who treats you privately during pregnancy
  • 1st trimester screening tests
  • Pathology charges at Spire hospital.
  • Antenatal classes with Sarah –

Please see Frequently Asked Questions about Fees for more information.